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Golden Delush

Caterpillar Butterfly Robe Kimono

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Whether it’s lounging at home or making a stylish appearance,Caterpillar kimono-style robes are as beautiful as they are cozy. With a figure-flattering shape, this chic mid-length robe features the signature flowing bell sleeves and a belt, making it an absolute delight for Japanese style enthusiasts.

Kimono cut

Mid-length robe with long, flowing bell sleeves, tied together with a belt

100% polyester

This extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly

Multifunctional use

Wear it as a kimono at home or as a party dress

Care advice

Avoid rubbing vigorously when washing. Choose neutral detergent, try not to use alkaline detergent




Care information


We Are A Small Company Reside on South Beach Miami Florida,Specialize in Custom Creative Art Apparel All Ages & Genders. Our Collection was Inspired By Taking Everyday Experiences And Daily Activities And Create A Whole Different World Where I Can Express My True Self And How I View The World In Color, Living Life with Grace, Style & Creativity.

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